Lab experiment measuring physical properties of steel guitar wire. The stand has a guitar string tensioned over two saddles followed by a simple tensioner for further stretching the string. One saddle is glued to a piezoelectric contact microphone for transforming the mechanical vibrations into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and can be measured with a multimeter. One end of the string is in electrical contact with stand body, other end is connected to 0 V. The string can be heated by passing a controllable electric current through it. Possible measurements include the resistivity of the string; fundamental frequency of the string when plucked; the temeprature-dependence of the fundamental frequency or dimensions of the string; the Young modulus of the string.
(Electric Guitar)

Experiment kitEK2017
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Example solution

Aluminium stand (30mm x 30mm x 800mm)

Tempered high carbon steel guitar string

Piezoelectric contact microphone


DC power supply

Test leads

Measuring tape
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